Square Foot Gardening with Gladys Fowler

Sunday April 28, 2:30pm

Square Foot Gardening with Gladys Fowler

Gladys Fowler grew up in Lakefield where her father grew vegetables and fruit on a gladys fowler2 acre property. They composted back in the 50s before it was ‘fashionable’. All of her married life Gladys grew plants; she started seeds and planted vegetables. As soon as she retired from full-time teaching in 2003, she applied to become a Master Gardener. Six years ago, she bought the book, “The All New Square Foot Garden”, by Mel Bartholemew. This book changed the way she gardens vegetables. Gladys’ aim is to inspire gardeners to start their own square foot garden and enjoy nutritious, healthy food with far less work than a traditional garden.

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