Alexander Reford

Saturday April 27, 2:30pm-3:30pm


3:30pm-4:00pm Book Signing with Alexander Reford


Alexander Reford, the great-grandson of Elsie Reford, is the current director of the Reford Gardens or Jardins de Métis in Quebec.thumbnail_Alexander Reford

The Reford Gardens are created as an English-style garden located at Grand-Métis, Quebec near the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Mitis Rivers. This remarkable site has a favourable microclimate which allows plants to grow here that are found nowhere else in Canada such as the elusive Himalayan Blue Poppy or Meconopsis.

At the gardens, you will see the most amazing collection filled with the famous blue poppy, gentians, ferns, peonies, lilies, roses, primroses, azaleas and sanguinaires.

thumbnail_Reford bookAlexander’s book, Jardins de Métis: The Paradise of Elsie Reford (Les Éditions de l’Homme, 2004), draws a portrait of the development of the Jardins de Métis. The book is illustrated with historical images as well as photographs of Louise Tanguay, a nature photographer in the region.

Les belles de Métis: The Floral Heritage of Elsie Reford (Les Éditions de l’Homme, 2006), presents the celebrities of the era. The book paints a complete portrait with archives of photographs and documents.

The publications are available online, at the horticultural shop at Reford Gardens, as well as in most bookshops.

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