About Us

The Peterborough Horticultural Society is a “not-for-profit” organization of passionate volunteers who host the garden show to raise money so we can gladly give it back to our community for:

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Our garden show is our annual, major fund-raiser but the best part is, we do it…

For the love of gardening

The first garden show with 70 display booths was in 2001 and presented as a one-time event to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the  Peterborough Horticultural Society. 

2019 marks our 19th show with well-known speakers and 2 and a half incredible days.

We host over 80 VENDORS and exhibitors who are landscapers, gardeners, growers, teachers and designers along with many not-for-profit organizations; we have garden displays and demonstrations and SPEAKERS; an ambitious interactive CHILDREN’S GARDEN; the latest in garden tools, and so much more……

Besides fundraising, why else do we do this?

We’d like:

  • to inspire you and celebrate the coming of Spring
  • to incite (or renew) your passion in gardening
  • to help you to learn and grow and ask questions of the hundreds of vendors, speakers and volunteers
  • to share our hundreds of combined years of experience and knowledge
  • to introduce you to vendors and exhibitors you may not have met
  • to show you what is new and innovative in gardening
  • to encourage and teach you to grow food and flowers
  • to show you how to make the world more beautiful and more healthy through gardening

Please come and:

  •  listen to experts, share your ideas,  your dreams and your problems
  •  be encouraged and uplifted after a long dark winter
  •  meet our vendors and be dazzled with what is new
  •  meet old – and new – friends
  •  celebrate your own skills and passions and hear about ours