Just released: BE Catering’s Show Menu

BEVERAGESdbia_be from internet
Coffee and tea 12 oz.  2.00 (we will have almond milk as well as dairy)
Homemade raspberry lemonade and lemon ginger iced tea 2.00

Golden Squash Soup (Vegan)
Cream Mushroom Soup or Leek and Potato  (contain dairy)
Tomato Basil Soup  (vegan)   all  5.00

**Add Soup to any Sandwich for a combo +4.00

Local meat chilli bowl with herbed sour cream and fresh corn bread 6.00 (Gluten free) Cornbread contains dairy and gluten
Veggie and black bean chilli bowl with herbed sour cream and fresh corn bread 6.00 (Vegan, gluten free) corn bread contains dairy and gluten
Garden salad with veggies, pea sprouts and choice of raspberry or balsamic vinaigrette  5.00 (vegan and gluten free)

Local warm roast beef sandwich on potato scallion bun with caramelized onions, grainy mustard  and horseradish mayo  8.75
Black bean and squash burrito with rice and tex mex cheese with salsa 7.75 (V


egan burrito, contains wheat in the wrap, cheese is optional)
Freshly made quiche with green garden salad  8.75 (vegetarian, contains gluten and dairy)

SANDWICHES  (grab and go)
Egg salad on rustic white or multigrain 6.75 (Vegetarian and contains gluten)
Chicken salad with apple and celery on multigrain or Ciabatta bun 6.75 (contains gluten)
Grilled veggie with lemony hummus wrap and local sprouts 6.75 (vegan, contains wheat)

Banana chocolate chip loaf (gluten)
Lemon sour cream raspberry or cranberry coffee cake  (gluten)
Zucchini and carrot spice loaf (gluten)
All slices 2.00 per piece
Bistro Pastry: Spinach and Feta 3.00 (gluten, vegetarian)

Grand slam oatmeal cookies with dried cranberries, chocolate and coconut  2.00 (gluten)
Double chocolate Cookie 2.00 (vegetarian, contains gluten)
Ginger Cookies 2.00 (vegetarian, contains gluten)
Gluten free mini brownie bites 2.50 (vegan and gluten free)

Soups and salad and sandwiches along with cold beverages and baking will be on offer.

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